ARS Gesture Controls for Smartphones, AR Glasses and Smartphone at CES 2019, Israel, Pavilion, booth 51701 / Eureka Park (Sands).

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Superb Reality to win 1 st  place and RMB 100,000 from 200 companies competing at the 2018 China Heyuan International Mobile Innovation & Business Competition (CIMC2018)



I am so proud to be a part of the Israeli startup ecosystem. It’s nearly impossible to truly keep up with all the innovations that come out of Israel, plus all the super success stories that reach unicorn status. I’ve previously written about the secret sauce of Israel’s success in the startup realm, and this applies in all industries.

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Superb Reality will present its AR Hand Gesture Control solutions and SDK for smartphones, AR Glasses, and social apps at CES 2018, Las Vegas, at the Israel Pavilion, booth 51702 / Eureka Park (Sands).

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Superb Reality, a Tel Aviv-based company committed to bringing computer vision solutions to reinforce VR and AR experiences, won the Internet and Mobile Internet Industry Award on Thursday when the road show of the final of the China (Shenzhen) Innovation and Entrepreneurship International Competition was held in Pingshan District.

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Superb Reality to win 3rd award, RMB 300,000, and was chosen from more than 1500 companies worldwide at the 1st Innovation & Entrepreneurship International Competition in Shenzhen, China


Superb Reality to win 1st prize and RMB 150,000 at the semi-finals and industrial-finals among 80 finalists from 8 countries competing at the 1st Innovation & Entrepreneurship International Competition in Shenzhen, China.

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Superb Reality to win 1st award and RMB 100,000 from 200 companies competing at the Shenzhen Innovation Competition in Israel with its innovative VR Gesture Control solution

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Superb Reality to join and will present its Gesture Control solutions as part of the Israeli AR/VR Technology Delegation by the Government of Israel, Economic Mission to the West Coast


Superb Reality to present its VR/AR Gesture Control solutions at the Mobile World Congress 2017 in Barcelona
February, 2017


Superb Reality to attend CES 2017, Las Vegas, to present its new VR Gesture Control solution for the first time
January, 2017