We bring computer vision solutions that make Virtual Reality and

Augmented Reality experiences to be more natural and enjoyable.

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Augmented and Virtual Reality markets will revolutionize our day to day activities. Our vision is to reinforce this by making the use of AR and VR devices a seamless and natural experience. We aspire to attain global leadership in top-tier computer-vision solutions for the Augmented and Virtual Reality markets. We provide advanced and innovative software and hardware to make awe-inspiring interaction experiences accessible and handy.


Superb Reality integrates machine learning, low and high level computer vision algorithms,imaging optics, light field and 3D into existing and future AR and VR devices.Our technology helps to jump-start patent-pending solutions, and we are committed to further design and development of new and exciting solutions for our partners.



Superb Controller Middleware

With our technology, the built-in RGB standard camera in any smartphone enables VR and AR glassesmanufacturers to bring a cost effective, natural and flexible hands-motion control and interaction, without the use of additional hardware such as external 3D or stereo camera.

Superb Controller Hardware Module

Our patented camera module enables one or two-hand interaction and control for Virtual and Augmented Reality devices, at a price and performance competitive to alternate solutions in the market.

Landmark Step by Step Navigator

This photo-based patented navigation tool for Augmented Reality and autonomous cars enables a new and intuitive way to easily associate with the visible environment while navigating. We do that by harvesting the human brain’s photo registration capabilities.


Our team of technology experts apply decades of accumulated ‘all in one’ experience to provide unique,

out-of-the-box solutions to drive new exciting applications. Over the past few years our team has shipped advanced computer vision solutions for tens of millions of consumer electronic devices. We work tirelessly to expand our own boundaries and facilitate robust, successful and seamless user experiences.

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Eran Eilat


A technology veteran with over 10 years of accumulated experience in machine learning and computer vision, Eran has registered over 40 patents in the fields of machine learning, gesture recognition, feature tracking and more.

Formerly CTO of PointGrab, an algorithm team leader at Omek Interactive (acquired by Intel) and algorithm team leader at IDT Video Technologies, Eran secured the “Most Innovative Mobile App”, for Camme at MWC 2014 and “Best of CES finalist” for PointSwitch at CES2014.

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Yoav Hoshen


A serial entrepreneur with two decades of business experience focusing on building and accelerating disruptive start-up businesses, Yoav is responsible for licensing deals valued at tens of millions of dollars.

Yoav has served as co-founder Water.io and Beyond Verbal, EVP Sales & Business Development at PointGrab, VP Sales & Business Development at EPOS Technologies (acquired by Qualcomm), Business Development Director at both Comverse and Orsus Solutions (acquired by Nice Systems), and Product Manager at ICQ/Mirabilis (acquired by AOL).

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